A Galaxy of Glamour: ART

A Warning…

Nasty no-goodniks rev their engines in anticipation...

A beam of pure H.O.T energy!

The Countess!

Resistance is futile as invaders from the Pleasure Planet fire hot-pink beams of pure, concentrated desire!

Muscle men in peril! No gym is safe as sinister saucers swoop down to extract vital nutrients from Earth's bodybuilders as they pump and sweat!

General Tothkopf prepares for battle…

H.O.T Pulp!: Enter the Lair of the Dombots!

Prints are for sale in the "H.O.T SHOP". Originals are also for sale and can be purchased privately. All drawings are done solely by hand on archival quality paper. Any embellishment seen here is done through the "Layout" app, so originals may differ slightly.